Why Your RV Should Have a Dehumidifier

The summer season has arrived which brings along the need for a relaxing getaway with family and friends. Perhaps that vacation of choice is traveling the open road to wherever it leads or a frequented campsite where memories are made anew every summer! A popular form of transportation in the summer tends to be a RV or recreational vehicle. The downside, however, is the changing humidity and the affects it has on both the traveler’s body and their vehicle. Below are some important points to consider when asking yourself, “is it really necessary to have a dehumidifier in an RV?”

The Structure of the RV

When asked to describe a RV, it is assumed a sound structure meant to withstand the outdoor environment in its changing conditions. These conditions tend to create numerous amounts of humidity that will settle inside wooden walls and furniture, creating an expanding and contracting motion that will eventually cause the structure of the RV to swell and develop mould/water stains. Humidity can and will build up from a variety of factors such as outdoor conditions, cooking and washing. Mould and water stains that are a nasty side effect of humidity in the walls is accompanied by a musty sour smell. Eventually this humidity (and its effects) will expand to the outermost part of the structure rendering certain attractive features misshapen or even useless along with comprising the entire structure creating expensive issues.

Size and Noise Level of a Dehumidifier

The first things a person thinks of a when using a dehumidifier is size, noise, and more noise. So, not exactly the recipe for relaxation and solid sleep while travelling. On the market today, however, are numerous solutions to these deterrents and they come in the form of portable or small cubic size dehumidifiers that are suited exactly for recreational vehicles. These new models of dehumidifiers have a range of options from weight, cubic size, noise levels, fan speeds and more to best fit the needs of the individual traveler/vehicle.

Benefits to the Traveler

A major selling point of having a dehumidifier in your RV would have to be your respiratory health! A lack of humidity in the air will decrease the amount of allergens, dust mites and mould which can affect even the healthiest of people. People who suffer with allergies that are increased by the changing seasons and climates find a dehumidifier decrease the symptoms of allergies, providing a better quality of life. Another popular benefit would be the increased shelf life of non-perishable and perishable food items, bedding, windows and even electronic equipment! Breads and cereals stay fresher for longer periods of time when condensation is at its minimum and electronic equipment is less likely to develop rust spots that cause corrosion.


The numerous benefits that come from having a small portable dehumidifier in your recreational vehicle will create cost savings, better quality of life, and ideal vacations for people from the camper to the explorer!

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