The Advantage of Rifle Scopes over Barrel Sights

Every fall, hunters around the national begin to feel the adrenaline rush associated with the opening of deer season. Rifles are brought out of storage and cleaned. Inventories of hunting supplies are checked and rechecked. Travel plans are arranged, hunting partners selected.

When satisfied everything is in order, there is one final procedure every hunter should take in order to maximize their chances of making a successful kill shot: sighting in the rifle scope.

Selecting the right scope is important. Websites like Gun Gods specialize in outfitting hunters with the proper scope to match the gun you have and the type of hunting you do.

Some hunters choose not to hunt with a scope. Why is hard to understand. There are many advantages in using a rifle scope in the field versus hunting without a scope. For instance:

1. Your accuracy is improved: When an animal is within range, the accuracy of your shot is of top importance. A missed shot usually means a missed opportunity. The noise of the shot will usually startle the targeted animal into flight, eliminating a chance for a second shot.

A scope will increase the accuracy of distance shooting immensely. Granted, scopes can be a hindrance when the animal suddenly appears within a few yards of your blind. That situation can still be handled with a scoped rifle through experience and practice. In reality, most professionals and experienced individuals always use a rifle scope all the time. .

2. Your rifle range is increased: One of the biggest fears hunters have out in the field is facing a charging animal. The fear or rush of adrenaline will make you want to run away from danger. Rifle scopes increase the rifle range. The increased range gives you more time to think of the best action to take without panicking. If shooting a charging bear or wolf is your only option, with a scope, you have time to shoot again even after missing on your first or even second try.

3. Self Confidence improves: Being a good shot is both physically and psychologically rewarding. Using a scope on a regular basis makes you a better shooter because you will be hitting the target on a regular basis. Having confidence in your shooting skills goes a long way in boosting your self-belief as well as self-esteem. The more self-confident you have in your ability to hit the target, the more courage you’ll to take on bigger game.

4. Longer Shots: Hunters who use a rifle scope have a much better chance of coming home from a hunt with meat for the freezer than those who don’t. Wild animals are smart. They can sense danger through noise or motion or odors. The chances of drawing game in close enough to shoot with the barrel sights are usually slim to none.

With a scope, you can take an accurate shot at the animal before it makes its way into the zone where it can sense your presence and flee unharmed. Hundred-yard shots and longer are common when sighting game through a scope. For an un-scoped rifle, a successful shot at those distances would be remarkable.

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