Survival Tips: Dealing with the Aftermath of a Disaster

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We usually talk about tips on how to prevent disasters from ever occurring. After all, it is true that prevention is always better than cure. But, there are instances when something disastrous just happens. Some things are really just inevitable.

Surviving and dealing with an aftermath of any event, may it be a major natural calamity or a simple man-made home mishap, is still an important process that needs to be undergone by any individual.

As a lifeboat captain, more often than not, we deal with the aftermath. We try to protect people before something happens by giving pieces of information that they could learn by heart and follow, so that they will not fall victims to any form of danger.

When disasters happen, it is always best to be calm so that you would not make any drastic movement. A body that has undergone a physical attack of any kind will be more susceptible to more harm if panic gets in the way. People are taught to contact our office as soon as something terrible happens that require our help. This could mean a sinking boat, a missing person last seen in the sea, and of course, whenever flood starts to rise in areas and people could no longer even walk without being taken away by the current or drowning.

Shouting and crying is a normal reaction especially because these events are scary, no matter how grave or small the accident may be. But even if you are filled with emotion, be sure to think straight and never do anything irrational that could only lead to further damages. When the situation is being handled by professionals, it is best to listen to their instructions.

People should learn that there are some things beyond their knowledge and skill, and that they should learn how to lend their ears to those who actually know what to do. Asking for help does not make a person weak and pathetic, it makes them human and it makes them wise, because they see reason even amidst a great calamity or problem.

As a lifeboat captain, I value every life we come to rescue. Experiencing accidents and disasters only require people to learn to control and adapt to situations. Even in your home, you can learn the tricks to surviving greater problems as long as you do enough research. If you do this, you will not only be protecting yourself but also your family.

The best thing to always remember is that these disasters could happen, anytime, anywhere. The easiest way for you to survive is to know and expect for it to happen. Of course, always have the numbers of the local rescue units like our unit. This way, you can easily call for assistance in times of trouble.

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