Bringing Some of the Sea to Your Home

Retiring from the lifeboat business can be hard work! All those hours spent with your boat and the sea, it seriously takes some getting used to! But there’s no worries, because you can make sure you look out for things that you can bring into your home that would remind you of the good old days, the days you used to spend riding the crest of the wave and offering a helping hand to people where they needed you most. We’ve compiled a list of things that can help you get used to a life on land.

Aquarium Time!

Bring an aquarium into your life! If you can’t spend time near the fishes out there, you sure can bring them home! It’s such an easy way to occupy your mind too. All you need is a tank, some water and a bunch of beautiful fish! Everything else is about personal preference. The time spent looking deep into the indoor aquarium of your house, thinking of times on the choppy waters could be countless. This really is one of the best ways to spend your time and your money.

Cure Those Blues with A Cruise

OK so this isn’t technically bringing yourself away from the sea, but still! You can enjoy spending your time cruising the ocean, only with someone else taking the wheel for once! There’s so much to do on a cruise ship too that you may sometimes wonder why you ever got into the life-boating business! Taking to the seas without any worries is much more fun indeed! The ocean is your natural home but it’s much easier living a life on the ocean than saving a life on it.

Decoration Aplenty

Nautical decor is seriously popular right now. But there’s a cool and classy way to theme your home with seafaring furniture while still allowing it to look cool, fresh and modern. There’s plenty of things to look out for on Ebay and Amazon, while a simple Google search will find you some classy pieces of decoration. You may not be able to recreate the exact scene with the same amount of water, but you can bring the sea into your home in a different way.

Film Time

There’s so many films set in the sea that it would be criminal of us not to choose this as our final option. If you’re ever feeling a little nostalgic, a flick on the box to see if there’s anything seafaring always does the trick. Whether it’s Jaws or something a little more light-hearted, there’s always likely to be something for you to get carried away with in between the channels.

Here’s just a few ways you could bring the sea theme into your home. Whether it’s literal or in using your imagination, you can always be sure to count on these. Enjoy the sea!

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